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2017.02.09 Retrospect 2016 and Aspire to a Promising Year

On February 5, Uni-Top Corporation held a conference, summing up the work in 2016 and planning for 2017, in its office place on the 39th floor of Shenzhen's Sunhope e-Metro Tower. Chairman Zhang Xuannan, Executive Vice President Chen Ying, Vice Presidents Li Yi and Tan Yunniu, together with heads from different functional teams and department managers, conferred in a brisk and efficient atmosphere. The heads of different functional teams reported on their achievements and insufficiencies in 2016, and then their plan and arrangement for 2017, commented respectively by the above-named leaders. Finally, Mr. Zhang Xuannan and Ms Chen Ying delivered inspiring speeches on the development strategies, and in particular specified the requirements for each team.

The Corporation had a bumper harvest in 2016; as its A300 freighters were gradually put into operations, its international air routes were opened one after another: Shenzhen-Kuala Lumpur, Shenzhen-Osaka, Wuhan-Madras, Wuhan-Ningbo-Dhaka, Macau-Kuala Lumpur and Kunming-Dhaka/Mumbai/Delhi. It is obvious that countries along "One Belt and One Road" and emerging markets are the focal point. The air freight volume completed by Uni-Top Airlines accounts for 70% of Wuhan's total air cargo transported internationally and meanwhile boasts a month-on-month growth rate of over 30%. Another subsidiary, Sure Express, introduced capital investment and, conforming to the trend of courier service market, consequently maintained an increase rate of 30%. The year also witnessed the strategic transformation of Apex Express. In November, not only did its business volume reach a record high, but also signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the well-known Shenzhen Annil Kidswear Co., Ltd., symbolizing a great step in its transformation course. In addition, the Uni-Top Supply Chain began its operation this May, and by estimate, its business volume surpassed 100 million Yuan for the remainder of the year. After nearly 20 years of development, the Corporation has enjoyed its unique strengths and core competences in these sectors: logistics and courier services, air freight, logistic parks, as well as commerce and trade. All these, coupled with their interactive linkages, have laid a sound foundation for it to keep a sustainable momentum.

In 2016, the Corporation had reinforced the administrative role of the headquarters and our executives managed to get an insight into the businesses so that, by increasing the internal interactions and communications, all the work could correspond to the Corporation's strategic layout. Consequently, the business management procedures were customized, and informatization and resource allocation capacity enhanced. Since the year 2017 is the 2nd year of the 3rd phase in the corporation's growth plan, the functional teams are required to center around two key words, transformation and dissemination, in work, and to pay close attention to the following aspects: dissemination of corporate philosophy and corporate strategy, standardization, informatization, etc. In addition to routine work, more efforts will be specially made to reinforce efficient management to create the core competences, with the staff siding with the company to prosper as a whole.

Ms Chen Ying spoke highly of the management team, newly formed but increasingly cooperative, studious as well as aggressive, and expressed her full confidence in it. She said, "The years to come are going to bring us greater opportunities and challenges. There are two trends we have to keep a watchful eye on: one is the rapidly changing of B2B market and the other our international business layout. So 2017 will be the year of transformation and integration. Each functional team must comprehend their yearly subject matters and current positions in order to have a sober-minded pursuit and organize their business orderly. I hope, within two years, the Corporation's functional management will meet the set target, with the joint efforts of all the staff."

Chairman Zhang finally stood up and addressed, "Twenty years elapsed! We started with hardship, but have never given up no matter how fierce the competition was. Our energy has been accumulated and now it comes to a burst. We have had our unique competing strengths in cross-border e-commerce, international air freight and one-stop integrated logistics. Particularly in international air freight industry, we have outrun our counterparts, and the transport volume and turnover in 2016 largely exceeded the previous year. As you know, Uni-Top Airlines has set up a branch in Southeast Asia, aiming to grab the entire market there. Meanwhile, we have been investing in cross-border e-commerce, not only having deployed extensively but also having joined some related sector associations. Moreover, we have consolidated the cooperation with the postal service sector so as to grow in synchrony. Based on all of these, our supply chains have flourished so we are going to set up branches in Tianjin, Qingdao, Wuhan, Zhengzhou and Kunming. We will continue to give full play to our strengths and seize all opportunities to form our core competitiveness.

He concluded lifting his voice, "Uni-Top is a company with a clear vision so it needs employees who have ambitions and strong competences so that we are able to advance concurrently. We need not only specialists, but also versatile talents who are capable of learning and adapting the constantly changing markets. Adversity and hardship aid the success of outstanding companies, and it is those administers who participate in the design and operation of the enterprise systems that truly matter, and certainly their talents emerge and their values sustain." He finally encouraged the staff to sweat and share responsibilities toward a bright future!